Environmental Commitment

State-of-the-art energy solutions

As pointed out in the section ´Design Philosophy´, one of the main propositions is to make golf courses that are as natural as possible. This means, that they are integrated within the environmental conditions of the site, taking advantage of and exploiting to the full the natural resources, not only in the design and construction phase but also throughout the maintenance phase, and for which we design the most up-to-date energy solutions.

We emphasize about the environmental sustainability of the courses. We propose the natural design of the golf courses. This commitment has been acknowledged with the award “Madera Verde for Golf Course Environmental Responsibility” and was rewarded to three golf courses projected by members of the company Magnolia Golf Design. The jury was formed by members of the Socio Cultural Activity Association (APAS) and technicians in environmental matters and supported by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

 And so, in 2006 the Madera Verde Prize went to Buenavista Golf (Isla Baja, Tenerife) alongside El Saler in Valencia. In 2007 Santa Marina Golf (San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria) was assigned the same prize and the following year the same award went to Izki Golf (Alava). These three golf courses are included within Nature Reserves, to be exact within the Nature Reserve of Teno, Oyambre and the Nature Reserve of Izki, and so, serve to show the compatibility of a good golf course project with protection of the environment. Assigning this prize acknowledges and shows the efforts made by the properties with regards to environmental matters. The aim of this ‘GREEN WOOD’ prize for environmental responsibility is to raise awareness of the various positive aspects that golf brings into society and the efforts that the owners and managers of golf courses are voluntarily making. The jury of the ‘GREEN WOOD’ award has essentially followed the criteria: golf course construction, managing and encouraging the players' involvement in the course. Thus, when building the course, the environmental results of the terrain modification, the analysis of the eroding problems and the existing riverbeds as well as the adjustment to the new use of the land and its impact on the landscape also the water table and the ground water regime all these aspects have been taken into account by the jury. At the same time, all these considerations are studied in depth as well as the level of conservation and enhancement of the flora and fauna of the site.

And to be exact on APAS´ website the following is explained:

The ´Madera Verde´ Prizes for Environmental Responsibility are an initiative aimed at achieving that the golf courses manage their installations in a responsible, environmental way and not as a consequence of an economical sanction or due to a warning made by the appropriate administration party to close down the installations.

The formula is to encourage the courses, through the announcement of the Prizes, to join a certified environmental management with whatever the authorized regulations may be for this purpose (ISO 14001, EMAS Regulation, Q+ Golf, etc.)


Making the most of natural conditions

El diseño se prolonga con la redacción del proyecto  la utilización de tecnología punta que nos permita aprovechar al máximo las condiciones naturales con el mínimo consumo y la adaptación de las soluciones elegidas dependiendo de las condiciones climáticas de la zona.

Si las especies elegidas han sido las adecuadas, será más sencillo que la presentación diaria del campo sea de calidad, empleando un equipo de mantenimiento equilibrado en lo que respecta a recursos humanos y mecánicos, lo cual redunda en minimizar los costos y por tanto de conseguir un balance positivo en la gestión económica del campo.

Por tanto, la combinación de los dos conceptos comentados, integración en el medio y mantenimiento económico dan como resultado un producto que puede ser rentable por si mismo a la hora de la explotación comercial o lo que es lo mismo <strong>SOSTENIBLE</strong>.

Respeto y potenciación del Medio Ambiente = SOSTENIBILIDAD

The described design process, as well as the subsequent construction, has followed a maxim, avoiding sophistication without being tempted to take advantage of the current technical innovations and machinery available. The resulting product will help us judge whether it is or is not environmentally friendly, or just a product coming straight from the drawing-board.

An extension of the design work is the choice of species for the course. Environmentally adapted grasses with minimum water requirements, fertilizers and general maintenance.

A very important feature to be considered is the need for a good daily presentation of the course with precise quality conditions according to current national and international market requirements, and the employment of a balanced maintenance team as far as human resources and equipment are concerned.

Thus, we are facing an important part of the process from a commercial viewpoint and, at the same time, being able to give a positive economic balance.

The combination of both the aforementioned concepts, environmental integration and financial and economical maintenance, result in a product which can be cost effective on its own when commercially exploited, in other words, it is SUSTAINABLE.


If we continue reviewing the design features and construction work, following the aforementioned criteria and design guidelines, we discover a new interesting concept. When a designer wishes to create a Golf Course, which is nothing other than a group of holes, complementary to each other, but each one with its own personality, he will have to choose the elements to be included in each one of these holes, and so reach the strategy he is aiming for.

We could go on analyzing, one by one, the many features involved in a hole and decide if their presence is essential or unnecessary. This is the concept of MINIMALISM. We should not mistake this with roughness or mediocrity. The aim is to achieve the best possible design but with simpler or less elements.

​To be more precise this could be defined as follows:

To achieve a perfect object which cannot be improved by subtraction. It is the quality of an object when each and every part and detail have been reduced or condensed to the essential. Being the result, the removal of the superfluous.

And so we finally reach the perfect equation: