Our experience supports us

Although memorable from a professional and humane point of view, it is extremely difficult to summarize in words the experience accumulated over 30 years regarding Golf Course Design, Project and Construction alongside someone as unique and special as Seve Ballesteros. We, as Seve´s exclusive work team, were in charge of reflecting all the ideas that flowed through Seve´s mind, onto the land. Now it is our pride and duty to continue to spread that legacy which he left only to us, in new golf courses which will be as exciting as those designed up to the present day.

As before, we will continue to search for a natural design, always in harmony with terrain conditions, attempting to emphasize its characteristics and integrating the environment within the course. In this way, construction work will be lighter and subsequently maintenance will be feasible technically and economically.

An important recommendation which we give the promoters, is that they should contact the golf course designers when preparing their project´s “Master Plan”, with the aim of selecting the areas they consider most suitable in this preliminary plan. The success of the final product will depend on its confection because the result will later be irreversible.

This process involves study of the land from every viewpoint: morphological, edaphic, botanical, geological, environmental, climatic, etc., with the aim of finding the best solution. It is quite usual to find unique elements on the land, and include these in the golf course so providing it with its own personality. This in addition is strengthened by the seal a designer is capable of giving all of his works. These guidelines, as could not be otherwise, will be the same ones that we developed whilst Seve was with us, and made it possible for a number of our courses to receive distinctions and prizes in contests where ecological values and the golf course´s respect for the environment were rewarded.

TNot only is our design concept always combined with the land´s characteristics, but also the constructive solutions, included in the relevant engineering project, care for the meteorology and general conditions of the site. Although the special features of the terrain can determine the final result of the course, we aim to fit together all the fundamental principles, and so achieve great courses for players of all levels, as well as being challenging, selective and exciting for skilled players and of course top professional players.


The secret of a good design lies here, being able to take advantage of all the options the terrain offers and being able to link one hole to another. This sequence of holes should overcome any problems that may arise, relying on the designer´s and the planner´s skills. Each one of the 18 holes should have its own personality and be different from each other but with the obligatory nature of being complementary to one another and so attaining the desired course.