In this section, courses that have already been designed and constructed for Severiano Ballesteros–Trajectory, including Feasibility Studies, Master Plans, Designs, Projects, Construction Supervision, Redesign, Maintenance, Installation Management, etc., the Magnolia Golf Design team were in charge of executing Seve´s design philosophy, through these work sequences, for nearly three continuous decades.

We can display a wide range of products in a number of countries where we have worked. All of them have followed the same process, starting with different designs, the most appropriate one is chosen for the Master Plan. After the Master Plan, a feasibility study is prepared, which results in the composition of a complete engineering project. Based on this Project, the Construction Phase is started. Also indicated and supervised is the maintenance work, beginning with the grass grow in phase and its consolidation and this can be extended throughout the following years.

The golf courses constructed have all been very different from one another, from those built near the coast, to those built in the mountains. Either with the aim of creating attractive international tourist resorts, to those situated near capital cities, or others in the wilderness which would later become development areas.

In summary, all kinds of work and achievements, and these have always been carried out with total accuracy, great professionalism and enormous affection.