Over 150 acres of Golf in less than 2 acres

Magnolia Golf Design presents a golf facility which allows you to use all the clubs in your golf bag and reproduce situations that a player can come across in an 18-hole golf course, using a surface area of less than 2 acres.

  • Respect for the environment. Its small dimensions allow it to adapt to the environment in the most positive way.
  • Sustainable. Its minimal maintenance ensures its sustainability over time.
  • A combination of simulators of the latest range, installed in one of the wooden laminated units and specifically designed by Magnolia, will allow shots from any distance and show all of their technical references.


Elements that compose it


A Putting Green surface area is designed that forces you to play all kinds of putt breaks at different speeds and which is the ideal place to have a putt competition with your friends. To guarantee a perfect surface condition and since a green is a very delicate element which needs endless maintenance at a professional level, it is essential that it is made of synthetic grass. In this manner we are assured excellent results for a continuous flow of players and who, in many cases, can be beginners and may not be wearing the appropriate golf shoes. Since the main attraction are the steep slopes, this makes maintenance more complicated, because those areas where slopes are found, humidity and dosage of water are more difficult to retain and mowing is more complicated when it comes to varying the level of graze because the machinery can scrape as much as what is known as “scalping”.

It is essential for the surface design to be attractive, for example, with strong slopes in certain areas so that the design of the holes are truly challenging and so strengthen competition.

An example of such a facility can be found at St. Andrews, the golf mecca in Scotland, where visitors, regardless of whether they play the course or not, can enjoy a similar facility which is known as the Himalayas.


Chipping and bunker, both are elements of this design, and will allow the player to recreate all kinds of shots around the green which can be found on a golf course.


Three pitch & putt holes, with three different tees for each hole, serve as a practice area for the entire short game once training has been previously carried out.


A combination of simulators of the latest range, installed in one of the wooden laminated units and specifically designed by Magnolia, will allow shots from any distance and show all of their technical references. When using the Driving Range mode, shots can be played to pins situated at different distances, you can compete for the longest drive or play on any one of the best courses in the world in a virtual way but with an authenticity that a sharp technology allows. All of these are possible.

The designed module, with a length of 8m, has two simulator bays with a partition placed between the bays and each bay has all the necessary components for practice: artificial grass where a tee can be fixed, the best contact sensation when hitting the ball by using the same type of golf balls as those on a regular golf course, front screen net where a projector shows the trajectory of the shot played, as well as a high definition screen that also shows all of the desired parameters we wish to see based on the playing mode we have chosen.

 The wide range of the facility allows you to share the bay with other players with whom you can enjoy practicing under any kind of circumstances, whatever atmospheric conditions there may be and at the same time remain, totally independent from the adjacent bay. With an appropriate design, it is possible to have up to a total of 24 simulator bays.

 A module with two bays represents an ideal area for a coach to give a group lesson, in such a way that both groups can pay attention to the coach´s instructions in an organized manner.


This type of facility is ideal for creating a Golf Centre, where teaching plays an important role and always focusing on the future. Society is becoming more and more competitive, and situating oneself adequately, in any activity you may decide to carry out, is more and more complex and requires maximum qualifications and technological knowledge and also a greater effort.


Distinction, as well as the capacity and the speed at which one adapts to these new changes, are key for success in nearly all activities. All of these changes are forcing golf academies to make important adjustments. Currently, in many academies, traditional teaching methods, where the most experienced teacher transmits his knowledge, acquired over many years in his profession, live alongside teachers of a newer generation who are used to a continuous updated training and to the latest modern technology, with a broad academic training.



The combination of, on the one hand, reduced expenses when acquiring land, constructing the facility and its maintenance, and on the other hand, being able to offer a variety of services which can be charged, means we are looking at, without any doubt, a positive viability. Fundamentally, if we compare it to many other golf facilities, we find that they are unable to apply untypical income other than the sale of green fees.

 Implementation and maintenance costs are one tenth of those expenses of a modest golf course, and double when referring to an 18-hole golf course of a medium to high spectrum. And so the price range for enjoying the golf centre can therefore be as affordable as desired, guaranteeing a positive public response and is consequently a place for leisure and sport for the whole family.

 So as to obtain higher discounts when used on a constant basis, there is the possibility of creating a membership for those who are regular visitors. That is why we are in the presence of a genuine Golf Club, linked to its facilities.

 On the other hand, it is the ideal complement for an existing establishment, whether it be: a hotel, a restaurant, a bed and breakfast, farmhouse, etc. This means an extra attraction for those visitors who wish to satisfy their choice of leisure beyond practicing their favourite sport.