Master Plan

Balanced planning of the available land

Obtaining a balanced planning of the available land is one of the most important facets for achieving the desired success in a Project.

Bearing in mind the promoter´s opinions, environment conditions and our experience of over three decades in this kind of work and that we are able to contribute, and after successive approaches, we reach a planning which is dimensionally balanced.

This work is essential for acquiring the necessary environmental and legal work permits, as well as economic feasibility. For this reason, professional elaboration is fundamental, since any changes made in future phases would be very complicated.

Assisting with multi-disciplinary teams supplying all the links for these processes, guarantee us solid foundations on which all the elements of the complex can be designed, irrespective of its typology (golf courses on protected land, social sports clubs, residential areas, hotels, shopping centres, urban areas……)

Feasibility Study

Integration of the elements

Both in the previous stage as in the present stage, it is important to have topographical information, vegetation plans, as well as aerial photography. These are complementary to the on-site visit, therefore obtaining a wide range of all the special features of the area to be studied, so that all the elements which compose the development can be integrated. In this way the landscape´s characteristics are composed on the course as a fundamental element within the design.

The Draft Designs which are compatible with the Master Plan prepared, are analyzed and made feasible with our design philosophy. Likewise, progress is made regarding construction solutions and budget enforcement so as to create the final model. The use of the most modern technology to be included in the maintenance budget is also estimated.

Once all of this is confirmed, a preliminary design is prepared and will be used as the foundation for continuing with the following phases.

This design should also have full validity in the future regardless of any technological advances which may affect the quality of the materials and which may influence the game, but should be compatible with:

  • The professional player´s game and with medium and high handicaps.
  • The attractiveness of the landscape and the avant-garde design trends with a functional and economical maintenance, without losing the courses´ naturalness and environmental integration in the design.
  • Daily functioning as well as the possibility of using specific areas for the organization of international events.