Complementary to the design, project and construction

With time some golf courses are forced to make modifications in some specific holes or elements of it, given that at the time of its construction different techniques were used and are amenable to improvement to achieve modernization of the installation.

A professional view of the situation helps the promoters or Board of Directors of the clubs to make the decisions most in line with the idiosyncrasy of each golf course for the user to find a more attractive route and always trying to maintain it increasingly sustainable and better.

In this sense we are talking about:

  • Realization of lakes to increase the capacity of reservoir water for irrigation.
  • Construction of new tees or renovation of existing ones.
  • Sanitation of the bunkers of the route to provide them with modern drainage and that also assures us simpler maintenance.
  • Raising old greens to improve the internal structure according to USGA standards recommended worldwide. With this, we ensure firm and well-drained greens where the last generation herbs develop most satisfactorily.

In short, the experience of Magnolia Golf Design ensures the customer an optimal, modern, and budget-adjusted result by having the most professional construction teams.